We've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions we've received and listed them here for your reference.

If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please contact us.

Why use this type of registry?

The Hyatt Gift Registry is perfect for couples and individuals who want to share their travel plans and /or dreams with their friends and family and provide them with a way to help them get there. Gift Registries are also a great way to manage a collaborative gift giving effort for other special occasions such as anniversaries, retirements, going away parties, graduations and other milestones and special events.

In addition, for couples planning their honeymoon and don’t need or want the traditional wedding gifts the Hyatt Registry provides a great alternative. It’s also a great option for couples that do want the traditional wedding gifts but also want to give their guests another option for gift giving.

Is there a cost to this service?

No, there is not a financial cost to create and maintain a Hyatt Gift Registry. The only cost to the registry owner is the time they put into creating a registry and event web page. Hyatt Registry owners can put as much or as little effort in the personalization of their registry as they want, though creating a registry is often both exciting and enjoyable.

How do I / we get started?

Creating a Hyatt Gift Registry is easy and fun. The simplest way to create a registry is to browse through our QuickClick™ registries and select one that fits your desired travel experience best. The registry can be as specific or general as you like and is 100% customizable.

What are some tips regarding how to set up gifts so that the gift givers don't overextend themselves?

Due to the nature of our service, there is no standard answer to this question. A successful registry depends on many factors. The more creative and personal with your registry, the more apt your guests are to purchase those items for you. For instance, if you are staying for 4 nights and your nightly rate is $350, you may want to divide your “night’s stays” up into $50 increments. Or if you really wanted to get that $400 couple’s spa package, maybe you would want to consider breaking it up into four $100 increments.

How do I let my guests know about my registry?

When creating your registry you can use our e-mail notification tool that allows you to enter in the e-mail address of those who you would like to notify that you have created a registry. The e-mail will provide recipients notification that you have created a registry and will provide them a link to view it.

How do my guests find my registry?

It’s so easy! All they do is use the link provided in your notification e-mail or they can look up your registry by visiting www.hyattregistry.com and name associated with the registry.

How do my guests purchase gifts listed in my registry?

Hyatt Gift registries are a means to help with your travel plans and expenses. When visiting your registry, your guests can view various the experiences you are planning for your next trip and choose which aspects of your trip they wish to contribute toward or purchase for you. Once your guest has made their selection they can simply proceed to the secure check out area and complete their transaction. Guests can pay for registry items using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. It’s that easy!!

How do couples collect their gifts?

The Hyatt Registry will send you a gift card or check certificate(s) for the items purchased from your registry. The disbursement to the registry owner will occur within 72 hours of the “event” date that was selected when the registry was created. Hyatt Gift Cards & Check Certificates will be sent via Federal Express to address entered when the registry was created.

These dates are guidelines set in place for your benefit and work for most couples. However, we realize that this schedule does not accommodate all couples' situations and we encourage you to contact us by phone (877-798-1472) or email if you would prefer a customized disbursement schedule

What are Hyatt Gift Cards & Check Certificates?

HYATT CHECK CERTIFICATES™ – Redeemable for a variety of goods and services such as award winning dining, green fees, rejuvenating spa services and even towards lodging at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts worldwide. Best of all, Hyatt Check Certificates can fit any budget with a range of available denominations from US $25 to US $500.

HYATT GIFT CARDS - As easy to use as a debit card. Redeemable for a variety of goods and services such as award winning dining, green fees, rejuvenating spa services and even towards a relaxing overnight stay at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts in the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean. The Hyatt Gift Card can be used multiple times until the value is completely gone and can also be reloaded for extended use.

Hyatt Gift Cards will be issued for travel plans in North America (Includes Canada). Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Hyatt Check Certificates will be issued for travel plans outside of North America (Includes Canada). Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America. Hyatt Gift Cards & Certificates do not expire and Hyatt does not charge any fees to maintain a balance. For complete terms and conditions please visit www.certificates.hyatt.com.

How long are Hyatt Gift Cards & Check Certificates good for?

Hyatt Gift Cards & Check Certificates do not expire

What if our travel plans change?

Hyatt Gift Cards & Check Certificates are a form of payment and can be used at any time toward applicable charges to a folio at participating locations.

Can I get Gold Passport Points when I build my Hyatt Registry

No, Hyatt Gold Passport Points are not awarded for building a registry at this time.

Can a recipient get Gold Passport Points when redeeming Hyatt Gift Cards or Hyatt Certificates they received as part of their registry?

Yes, recipients will receive Gold Passport points when using Hyatt Gift Cards or Hyatt Check Certificates.

My honeymoon is the most important trip I've ever planned. What is the best way to go about planning it?

Planning a honeymoon is a big deal. You want to ensure you have the best accommodations and experience possible and create memories that will last a lifetime. Each Hyatt Hotel & Resort has a unique compliment of food, beverage, activities, excursions and services; therefore you should contact your hotel of choice for detailed information regarding what that property has to offer.

What if I've already purchased a honeymoon package or already planned a honeymoon trip through a different service?

You can still use The Hyatt Registry! Couples travel before, during and after their honeymoon. Therefore future travel can be the perfect gift for the couple that already has all the platters, toasters and blenders they need.

How do I know what each guest has purchased?

Once you've created an account, there are a number of features at your disposal: registry creation and editing, a wedding web page, guest notifications, and a registry review. Your “Review Gifts” page shows all gifts purchased, when they were purchased, and who purchased the gift. Couples are also notified by email of each purchase. These emails serve as a great way to keep track of gift givers.

Please note, guests do have the option to delay gift notifications sent to couples in order to keep the gift a surprise. Items that are purchased will be marked on the registry immediately, but the purchaser will remain hidden until the date they've specified. Please be assured all notifications will be sent in time to thank guests.